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"Caferoğlu" Denizcilik (Shipping) was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 1974, by the Cantaş brothers, whose sea going  routes go back for several  decades.       

Since the company's foundation more than 25 sea going vessels, mainly general cargo ships, have sailed under the "Caferoğlu"  flag.

The company is named after the great grandfather of the family, namely "Cafer" ( "oğlu" meaning the "son of" ), who started to carry goods by sea on his 14 meter sail boat between Russia and Turkey back in the 19th century.

Caferoğlu remains a family owned and controlled company to the extent that family members are employed on board the company fleet and at the ship yard.


Today's Activities 
"Caferoğlu" currently operates a fleet of 6 geared, single deck, general cargo vessels from 3,000 dwt to 6,500 dwt, with a total deadweight capacity of over 31.000 Dwt tons. (see fleet).

About 425,000 mtons of cargo were carried in 2003. Traditionally the fleet is employed in the tramp short sea trade and transports mainly grains, fertilizers, coal and all kinds of steel cargoes in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean basin.

Furthermore, "Caferoğlu" acts as an agent at major Turkish ports and the Turkish Straits for a large number of owners and charterers.

Cantaş-ındemir, Shipyard & Steelworks ( Tuzla )         A part from ship owning "Caferoğlu" shipping also laid the foundation of the "Cantaş-ındemir" shipyard in 1991, which is a joint venture with the ındemir family whose ship building and repairing routes date back to 1931.

The  main activities are dry docking of vessels up to 6,500 Dwt in our own floating dock along with repairing and conversion of all types of cargo vessels up to 60,000 dwt.

In the recent years "Cantaş-ındemir" ship yard has been involved in conversion of naval crafts in to mega yachts for our European clients which simply reflects our ability and the quality of our skilled labor / craftsman ship. (see shipyard)

For decades the company has enjoyed direct access to and maintained close relationships with numerous international ship owners, shippers, charterers and trading houses. As a result, the company often concludes large scale contracts of affreightment.