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Most complex contract of the shipyard so far...

    Cantaş - ındemir Dry dock & Steel works - Tuzla was established in 1991 in order to dry dock and carry out planned maintenance, repairs and conversion jobs. 

This was a strategic move with the idea of creating synergy through vertical diversification within the industry.

The works are carried on vessels such as passenger, tanker, dry cargo, ro-ro, live stock carrier and so on..., the yard has also moved on to conversion of naval crafts into mega yachts for our European clients, we believe this reflect our quality of craftsmanship, experience and satisfaction of our customers.

ISO 9002-94 certified by ABS 
    The yards has out grown its facilities and is currently subcontracting 2 other local yards in Tuzla where we employ our own staff to accommodate the demand from our clients who prefer to do business in a friendly environment, where the works get completed on time and within budget.    
The Floating dock has the lifting  capacity of 2.750 mton  with an over all length of 116 meters and with a inner width of 15.50 m. With these specifications the dock is capable of accommodating vessels up to 6.500 Dwt. There is also a repair jetty with an over all length of 185 meters.

No job is too small or too big... to get a quotation or free advice please send an e-mail to Cantas-Cındemir

At Cantaş-ındemir, we are proud of the close collaboration we have with our clients, satisfying their most demanding requirements and adapting to their specific needs.