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Most complex contract of the shipyard so far...



                                       "Put our service to the test"    

With our fleet of two work boats harbored in front of our  Head office which is located on the Bosporus we provide around the clock service (24/7/365) with a very fast delivery  time to our own and  to our clients fleet of vessels. (see Location)

Feel free to ask for a quotation or free advice from our agency department.  


Repairs (steel & machinery), Reconditioning of valves, piston crowns, cylinder covers, polishing and/or grinding of cranks shafts, Supplies, Stores, Charts, Publications, Paints, Provisions, Crew repatriation, Ctm, Spare parts, etc... 

Do to the unique location of our agency you can drop off any machinery parts which needs to be repaired or reconditioned and pick it back up on the vessels return transit trip back from the Black Sea through the Bosporus or visa versa without any deviation!


Our ability to assist our clients needs and their confidence in our service is sealed as a result of the experiences we have gained through ship owning and through our shipyard.

We emphasize our serious interest, based upon the wide scope of shipping disciplines that our staff has been involved in, to serve your esteemed company and to protect your interests. 

Due to this extensive port and shipping knowledge ``Caferoğlu``   Port Agency can provide its clients with an excellent, reliable and cost effective service during their vessel's transit through the Turkish straights or port stay at Istanbul or any other Turkish port or with supplies at the Istanbul anchorage area. 

We shall be pleased to receive your enquiries and we are looking forward to take care  of your vessel's call at any Turkish port. We can assure you that we are in the position to provide top quality service to guarantee a smooth and quick dispatch of your vessel. We are handling and have been handling for many years all sizes  of vessels from coasters to cape sizes.

"Caferoğlu""  has a long history as an owner and our agency department has been involved in the clearing of general cargo vessels and bulk carriers for steel, coal, scrap, fertilizer, grain, as well as all other major cargoes.
The agency department has established excellent relationships with all terminals, port officials and other related institutions and companies at all major Turkish ports.